Jinx - plays Gallagher

Ruud, Harry and Gerrit already knew eachother back in 1977 and played together for several years. In 1984 they each choose to go their own musical direction. However, they never lost sight of eachother and kept in contact. With their common love for Rory's blues, after his death in 1995, the formation of Jinx seemed a logical step.
At first Jinx only played for themselves, in their own studio. But in the middle of a Gallagher-minded area, Jinx was asked by the local residing Gallaghar-fanclub to play at the yearly tribute-night, together with Lou Martin en Gerry McAvoy, both ex-Gallagher members. For Jinx a boy's dream come true...

The gig resulted in several requests from as well Holland and abroad, of wich one from Cork, Ireland. The place to be concerning the music and the story behind the man Rory Gallagher.

After some years of silence, you can hear the Rory-songs again from the Jinx-camp. The three buddy's play like never before en enjoy every single tone of their 100% Gallagher-set, with the best songs, including off course the mandoline-song ‘Going to my hometown’. With a personal input, but with the typical Rory-sfeer, Jinx will perform every session, like Rory would have done. With a lot of passion, improvisation and feeling.
Its not for making a living but just to go out there and play Rory's songs to get the indefinable feeling!