Flamenco Thief * Nov. Night's 2018

Craig Sutton is The Flamenco Thief


“…he’s making waves with his original and lively sound” – Londonist
“Amazing music” – Creative Boom
“surely a national demand will soon lure Craig away from our humble local venues.” – The Bath Chronicle

Having grown up in Wiltshire on a musical diet of punk, ska and rock, Craig Sutton is hardly an obvious candidate to galvanise the UK Flamenco scene.

Yet in recent years the Bristol based guitarist has received critical acclaim for his innovative use of Spanish guitar and gained recognition from the likes of the BBC and NME, both of which have championed the solo artist’s mesmerizing live performances.

Last year The Flamenco Thief showcased his self-titled six-track EP to awestruck audiences at 110 gigs and festivals, earning him a three-month European tour, scheduled for August 2013.

Performing at venues and festivals across the continent Craig will be visiting countries as diverse as Turkey, Kosovo, Albania and Slovenia.

Reflecting on his remarkable rise in the Flamenco scene, Craig says: “It wasn’t until four years ago that I even discovered Flamenco rhythms, but when I did I went straight out to trade in my three electrics in order to fund my first Spanish guitar.

“Now, I’m using this amazing Spanish style which has evolved over centuries, despite having never gone to Spain, and blending it with all the musical styles that I grew up with.”

Early influences of ska, hip-hop and gypsy swing are evident throughout Craig’s music and his use of the Boss RC loop pedal to blend these modern rhythms with time-honoured Flamenco techniques has earned him recognition across the musical spectrum.

But the real spectacle is in his live performances where, by embracing the Flamenco method of beating the guitar’s body, Craig manages to layer metronomic hip-hop beats to create an energy that is often lacking with solo instrumentalists.

His compositions revere Flamenco’s heritage while embracing music technology, and as a result each song is delicately poised between the classical and contemporary.

This May Craig will head out on a 28-date tour of the UK and Western Europe in support of his debut single and video release ‘Mad Cow Stomp’.